Minnow 2.0 NIST

The Minnow 2.0 is available with an optional NIST traceable single point calibration at any temperature between 15C and 35C or 0C. Once calibrated the Minnow is accurate to +/- 0.07C within +/- 20C of the calibration point. Documentation will be provided that traces the calibration back to a NIST tested reference thermostat.

Senonics designs and manufactures it's own thermoelectric reference chambers that are stable to +/- 0.03C over four hour time period. Every calibrated logger is tested at the desired temperature for four hours to determine its offset from the reference temperature. Once the difference is determined an offset is applied to the logger and then the logger is retested to verify it's performance. All test results are documented in the NIST report.

Senonics guarantees the accuracy of the Minnow 2.0 for one year from the date of calibration.

The Minnow 2.0 logger can be recalibrated if needed. Please contact us for further details.