Minnow 2.0 External Sensor Probes

Minnow 2.0 can be used with external temperature and humidity sensor probes.
The external sensor probes are compact. The probe end of the cable is made from deep drawn seamless stainless steel for a strong, watertight sensor.
Each sensor stores its own adjustment and calibration data so that any cable can be used with any logger.

Key features:
           High accuracy and fast response time
           Wide temperature and humidity range
           Compact/rugged probes
           2 meter cable

Minnow 2 Ext Cable 3Minnow 2 Ext Cable 2

Minnow 2 Ext Cable 1

Further information concerning the external sensor probe can be found here:
        Minnow 2.0 External Sensor Probe Datasheet

Technical Specification

    Temperature range
    Temperature accuracy [if calibrated]
    Temperature accuracy [0C to +90C]
    Temperature accuracy [-40C to 0C]
    Temperature resolution
-40C to +90C
+/- 0.07C [within +/-20C of calibration point]
+/- 0.13C
see temperature accuracy plot
    Relative humidity range
    Relative humidity accuracy [0% to 90%]
    Relative humidity accuracy [90% to 100%]
    Relative humidity resolution
0% to 100%
+/- 2.0%
see humidity accuracy plot
5mm diameter
2m cable length
    Ingress Protection

Probe Accuracy