Temperature and Humidity Loggers

Senonics currently offer a range of temperature and humidity loggers. Loggers can be purchased outright. We also offer leasing options.

"We used Minnow loggers for monitoring temperature and humidity inside of intake/exhaust ducts for wind turbine cooling systems. They suited the project well. Minnow loggers have a greater than 60C temperature spec, which is higher than most loggers on the market which seem to be designed primarily for human conditioned spaces and ambient temperatures.""
-- Scott Synnestvedt (Renewable Energy - Wind Turbine Manufacturer)

"I have been using Minnow loggers for temperature logging for both consistency and spatial checks within ovens and fridges and incubators. The loggers work well."
-- Gary Glenn (Temperature monitoring in ovens, refrigerators and incubators)

"We use Minnow 1.0 and Minnow 2.0 loggers for temperature and humidity monitoring in several warehouses and production areas throughout our company. I have been very happy with the loggers and with how they read and store data."
-- Kyle Elmore (Contract manufacturing)

Minnow 1.0

Minnow 1.2 is the smallest logger in its class for measuring temperature and relative humidity.

Minnow 2.0

Minnow 2.0 is our new real-time display enabled logger. Professional design, IP-67, new advanced software. Available with external sensor probes.