Senonics manufactures modern, high quality, robust transportation loggers.

Suppose you are to transport some sensitive item, chemical or food product and would like to know the exact conditions under which it was transported. You can use our loggers to record the complete environmental condition throughout the journey. Our loggers offer the largest logger depth of all similar portable loggers so you will never run short of logging space.

Try from our miniature Minnow 1.0 logger operated from a single coin cell battery or our new Minnow 2.0 display enabled logger.

Minnow 1.0

    Temperature & Humidity Logger (Coin Cell)

       High accuracy temp & humidity logging
       65520 sample depth (temp & humidity)
       Temperature and humidity alarms
       Simple to use PC application for Windows
       USB configuration and data extraction
       Operates on a standard CR2450 coin cell
       35mm x 60mm x 15mm

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Minnow 2.0

    Temperature & Humidity Logger with Display

       High accuracy temp & humidity logging
       LCD Display
       IP-65 water/dust proofness
       External sensor probes available
       65000 sample depth (temp & humidity)
       Temperature and humidity alarms
       Operates on two CR2032 coin cells
       43mm x 79mm x 12mm

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