Minnow 1.0 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy a Senonics Minnow 1.0 Logger?
The Senonics Minnow 1.0 logger has five selling points which sets it apart from other loggers:
    1) The logger is likely the most compact temperature humidity logger around (35mm x 60mm x 15mm)
    2) The logger is the highest performance, battery-powered logger with best value in the portable datalogger market.
    3) The logger has free software for configuration and data extraction
    4) The logger requires no special programming pods - just a standard USB cable
    5) The logger has a logging depth which surpasses rival loggers - 65520 sample depth (temp, humidity pair)

2. What is the difference between Minnow 1.0TH and Minnow 1.0T?
The Minnow 1.0TH is a temperature and humidity logger. Minnow 1.0T only logs temperature. Otherwise the loggers have exactly the same features - for example accuracy, logging depth, PC Application software etc.

3. What are the maximum logger durations for Minnow 1.0TH and Minnow 1.0T?
This will depend on the logging interval:
    1 second interval / 10 hours logging
    10 seconds interval / 7 days logging
    30 seconds interval / 22 days logging
    1 minute interval / 45 days logging
    10 minutes interval / 1.2 years logging
    30 minutes interval / 3.7 years logging
    1 hour interval / 7.5 years logging (or until battery is flat)

4. Do we need to by anything other than the Minnow 1.0 logger?
No! Purchase of the logger includes the logger itself, a USB cable and a coin cell battery. The software to configure the logger and extract data is free and installed from the Web. There is no special purpose programming pods or cables for our product. Everything is simple.

5. What is the preferred battery to use with my Minnow 1.0 logger?
We recommend a CR2450 620mAH Coin cell battery. There are different manufacturers but a good one is Panasonic CR-2450/G1AN. You can find it easily on the web from different places such as www.digikey.com, www2.mouser.com and probably in your local supermarket. The key thing is to choose a CR2450 battery with high capacity since this will translate into a longer logger battery life.

6. What is the response time for the Minnow 1.0 logger for changes in temperature and humidity?
The Minnow 1.0 logger has high quality sensors and due to careful mechanical design is quite responsive. Usually we see a settling time of about 4 minutes for temperature and humidity changes.

7. How do I know if my logger is logging?
When logging the logger will flash the green status LED every 6 seconds. When the logger finishes logging or is turned off then the status LED is permanently off.

8. Can I synchronise multiple loggers?
Yes! If you use the "Start at Specified Time" mode in the configuration and use the same future time for different loggers then they will all start logging together. Try it.

9. What is the Real Time Logging Mode?
Your Senonics Minnow 1.0 logger can run in a mode where it is connected to the logger and the PC application instructs the logger to collect samples continuously at a desired rate. One can then see the samples collected as a table and graphically (live). This is a mode in addition to the regular logging modes and is a feature not supported by other loggers.

10. What version of Windows is supported?
The logger is a HID USB device which means it needs no special driver installed. It uses the driver included in Windows. Because of this the PC software can run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 in 32 or 64 bit and can be plugged into any USB port on the PC.

11. What options are there for post processing data from the logger?
The data extracted from the logger can be exported as a comma separated value (CSV) file. This is a standard text file format which can be readily processed by many third party programs such as Microsoft Excel, MatLab etc.

12. My PC does not seem to interpret the Senonics CSV format properly?
The CSV file format made by the Senonics PC application has been made to suite USA comma separated format. Usually this file can be opened directly within Excel.

On some PCs and in some countries this will not be interpreted correctly. Instead use the Senonics PC application to write the file with a .txt extension. Next open Excel and open the .txt file. You will be asked how to interpret the CSV file. Ensure that you select the "comma" delimiting. The file will then be interpreted correctly.

Comma separated options

You can also now open the data directly using the open from Excel button.Excel

13. How come I can not log more data after I have connected my logger previously in "scheduled start" mode?
When one has used scheduled start and the logger is then connected, logging will be immediately stopped. One may then retrieve the logged data. Unfortunately in this logging mode there is no way to restart the logging without reconfiguring the logger and therefore wiping the data. So you do not loose data but you can not add to the data. In both logging on disconnection mode and logging on button press it is possible to restart logging when the logger is disconnected and new data is added to the old.

14. Have I got a bad USB cable?
At Senonics we are continually trying to improve the quality of our suppliers. There have been some very infrequent cases in the early days where there was a problem of connection to the Minnow logger attributed to a poor USB cable. We have since changed to a new supplier of USB cable but if you suspect a similar problem then please try to connect with a new cable and see if you still see the problem.

15. How long does it take to ship my logger once I have placed an order?
We endeavour to have all logger products in stock at all times. We ship with Fedex, DHL or UPS transport and the estimated time is 2 days world-wide.

16. Does Senonics make custom logger products?
Senonics is always keen to learn about customers needs and in some cases there could be a cooperative project which results in a custom logger product or setup. Contact us if you have suggestions to our products or some specific application in mind.