Minnow 1.0 Specifications

Technical Specification

    Temperature range
    Temperature accuracy [if calibrated]
    Temperature accuracy [+5C to 60C]
    Temperature accuracy [-25C to +75C]
    Temperature resolution
-25C to +75C
+/- 0.07C [within +/- 20C of calibration point]
+/- 0.13C
see temperature accuracy plot
    Relative humidity range
    Relative humidity accuracy [20% to 80%]
    Relative humidity accuracy [0% to 100%]
    Relative humidity resolution
0% to 100%
+/- 2.0%
see humidity accuracy plot
    Temperature alarm
    Relative humidity alarm
    Battery life
CR2540 coin cell
up to 4 years logging
    Physical size 53mm x 33mm x 15mm
    PC application available on Windows XP, Vista,
      Windows 7, 8 and 10. Also Mac PC.
    Logger identifier 16 characters
    Logging space 65520 temp/humidity pairs